I have had a few clients recently ask me about more advanced level mountain biking in the Pensacola area. We have been blessed with a few good mountain biking areas. When I go ride, this is where I primarily ride. This trail system is on the University of West Florida’s property, created and maintained by PORC (Pensacola Off Road Cyclists) The trail network is over 25 miles of trails, offering everything from beginner to advanced riding. Granted this is not like biking in the Appalachian Mountains or out West, but it does offer rolling terrain with some steep drops and tough climbs. And combine the longer than expected climbs and possible intense heat, it is very challenging at times. So much has been written on this trail system that I am not going to jump into specifics. You can find all you need to know with Google. But I did create a nice map that is available for download, and on occasion I will drop off bikes for clients to ride there, however I must feel comfortable with your skills and fitness as it is quite a workout and often you might have me tagging along for some of your rides as I am always up for a ride at UWF. And you can follow me if you can keep up 😉

UWF Trail System Map