While it would be like me to go to these lengths to pull off a good April Fool’s joke, this is real. It is official. I have started a mountain bike tour business. Hamilton Mountain Bike Tours in Pensacola is now open to take riders on tours through the excellent Northwest Florida singletrack. I believe I am the only person doing this type of service in Pensacola. Maybe because no one has found a way to make it work or maybe because no one had the dream to do it like I do. But ever since I first started riding I enjoyed leading people through the trails with me. I did a brief stint in 1994 as a tour guide assistant with Mauna Kea Mountain Bikes when I lived in Hawaii, and I really liked it. That got me thinking about doing my own tours someday. So here we are, over 20 years later I have finally gotten the gumption to do it. I am starting out small and intend to always stay small. I am not looking to lead a large group and not looking to expand beyond me as the lone guide. My focus is quality over quantity. If you are mountain biker on vacation here in Pensacola and looking to explore some new terrain we are your answer. Contact us and book a tour today ››